Installing The CHATT / FirstClass Client
1) Make sure you are totally logged out of CHATT. To make sure you are totally logged out you can either:
  • totally reboot your computer or
  • Check your System Tray down by the Date & Time. If you see a CHATT icon there, right-click on it and select EXIT.

  • or login to CHATT, then logout and click EXIT (not Close) when logging out.
2) Go to and click on the appropriate download link (Apple or Windows) on the sidebar to the right 1152013_93928_0.png                  
In Internet Explorer choose "run" to automatically install the client.
3) If you are using a different browser then you will have to go to your download location and run the installer from there. It will be called FCxxxx.msi or FCxxxx.dmg (x's denote version numbers).
4) Finish the installation by following the prompts in the Installation Wizard.
5) Once it has finished installing, there should now be an icon on your computer desktop called "FistClass". Normally you would double click on it to launch the application but on first installation this is not neccessary as the application automatically launches.
6) On the login window, click "Advanced".
7) Then click on "Setup"
8) Look for the "Server" field and fill it in so that it reads "".
9) Click the save button.
10) Enter your username and password. If you are a new employee you can get your login information by calling the Information Centre. If you are a student, your teacher can get your login information from the main school office.
11) Click the green arrow on the login window: