Blackberry OS6 / OS7 Installation (Bold 9700/ Bold 9900)

Determine Blackberry OS Version

From the Home Screen: Options -> Device -> About Device Versions
From the Home Screen: Options -> About

The version of the OS should be list just before the word "Platform" (eg. v7.0.0.261, Platform...)

Click On The Appropriate Link Below (from your Blackberry's Browser)

Once downloaded go to your downloads folder on your device and install the app. If you get an error please see the notes below.

USERNAME: your regular CHATT username
PASSWORD: your regular CHATT password
NOTE: You cannot save the password

This client will only be supported by IT if it is installed on a Board Contracted Device. Personal device installations will have to rely on this documentation and peer-to-peer support via the CHATT conference. The original copy of this documentation is located in the Info Tech Knowledge Base and can be found by typing "Mobile" into the filter on your toolbar.